Hi, I am Pieter Strydom, I would like to welcome you to our new website.
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Welcome to SSS Training

We are a family run business situated in South Africa’s Western Cape.
Although we offer our services throughout the country with some clients in Namibia and Angola.
We specialise in the training students how to use construction equipment safely and responsibly, from Forklifts to mobile and ship cranes to health and safety.


8 Vrede Street, Wolseley 6830

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Meet The Family

Hello Guys, I’m
Pieter Strydom

CEO & Go To Guy 

Say hello to Pieter Strydom, the man who loves to chat as much as he loves construction equipment!
As the head of our family-run business, Pieter brings a warm and welcoming presence to our training sessions.
He’s not just the owner; he’s also the go-to person for a good conversation and a friendly chat.

Pieter's presence brings a special touch to our training sessions.

When Pieter isn’t busy ensuring our training programs are top-notch, you’ll often find him striking up conversations with students, sharing interesting anecdotes about the world of construction, and swapping stories about their experiences in the field.

His genuine passion for connecting with people and building relationships is contagious, and he has a talent for making everyone feel like part of our training family.

With his friendly demeanour and an uncanny ability to make even the shyest individuals feel at ease,

Pieter’s presence brings a special touch to our training sessions. He believes that learning is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about building connections and fostering a supportive community.

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