Hi, I am Pieter Strydom, I would like to welcome you to our new website.
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Welcome to SSS Training

We are a family run business situated in South Africa’s Western Cape.
Although we offer our services throughout the country with some clients in Namibia and Angola.
We specialise in the training students how to use construction equipment safely and responsibly, from Forklifts to mobile and ship cranes to health and safety.


8 Vrede Street, Wolseley 6830

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Meet The Family

Hello Guys, I’m
Carla Strydom

CAO & Supreme Admin Boss

Meet Carla Strydom, the dynamic wife of Rouan Strydom and the driving force behind our seamless administrative operations. As the administrative boss of our family-run training company, Carla ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, keeping our business in top shape.
With her keen eye for detail and unmatched organisational skills, Carla is the backbone of our administrative processes. From managing schedules and coordinating logistics to handling important documentation, she meticulously keeps everything up to par and ensures that our operations are streamlined.

Carla's ability to juggle multiple tasks with grace and precision is truly impressive.

She tackles each administrative challenge head-on, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee that every aspect of our business is in order. Her dedication and commitment to excellence set the standard for our entire team.
Beyond her administrative prowess, Carla brings a warm and supportive presence to our training family. She nurtures a positive and collaborative environment, providing the necessary support and resources for our team members to thrive. Her attentive nature ensures that everyone feels valued and that our clients receive the highest level of care.
When Carla is not keeping our administrative ship sailing smoothly, you can find her enjoying quality time with her family or pursuing her own passions. Her ability to strike a balance between work and personal life is a testament to her remarkable organizational skills.

So, whether it’s coordinating schedules, managing paperwork, or lending a helping hand, Carla is the go-to person who ensures that our administrative processes exceed expectations. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to keeping things up to par make her an integral part of our training family.

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